Santa at Spikelings World

                                              Santa Was Here

Look how excited I am 🙂

Hey guys hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.  Santa was here at our world for just a bit.  He was spreading his holiday good cheer.  To our surprise he brought with him new friends that we all loved to play with.  Below you will find links to free printable coloring pages. There are more to come as our creator is so busy making sure 2017 comes with lots of friends and stories to help you come and visit our world more often.

The coloring pages are just rough drafts since to be honest I was just so excited that I told her you would be too.  So enjoy these, I will pressure her for a few more.  Make sure to share with your friends on social  media so she can see how much you love the sketches.

I’ll give you a hint on another one she is working on…It’s Rudolph and he looks just like us here.  I think I know why our world is so special.  Once you step inside you realize we are all the same, looking for the same things.

Family, Friendship and Love.


Click here for our free printable pages: → Gingerbread Man

                                                                     →  Spike Snow Globe

Once you are done coloring I know all of us here in Spikelings World would love to see so please put on our Instagram (just hit the word and it will take you straight there)  You can use #SpikeArt so we can look for it.

I’m super excited to make new friends.  See you soon with more coloring pages.


With love Spike

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